Diễn Viên Tasha Lustn

Tasha Lustn

Petite sex bomb Tasha Lustn will blow your mind with her expert cock-riding skills, leaving you hooked and craving more. It is difficult to resist the allure of the small-waisted, big-boobed bisexual who always brings energy and fun to the set. Tasha’s luscious blowjob lips, glamorous looks, and hot body have propelled her into the smut biz spotlight, where she intends on staying - especially if it allows her to fulfill her secret fantasy of being fucked in an office! When the raven-haired cutie isn’t busy sitting her pussy down on a thick dick cowgirl-style, she can be found shaking her bubble butt on the dance floor. The busty babe is also a fan of Italian and Thai cuisine. Satisfy your Lustn for Tasha by checking out her sexy scenes below!

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